Fire Suppression Grant

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Fire Suppression Grant


  • Applicants must be an owner or a tenant, with approval from the property owner(s), of a commercial or industrial property, or a 501(c)(3) organization in the City of Columbia Heights (the “City”) located along 37th Avenue NE, 37th Place NE, 40th Avenue NE, University Avenue NE, or Central Avenue NE between 37th and 53rd Avenue NE.

The Fire Suppression Grant, Pilot Program application can be found here. Grant guidelines can be found here and cover all aspects of the program.

As part of the City’s Business Retention and Expansion Strategy, the EDA has identified the need to bolster public safety and improve the commercial stock within the city. Setting out to encourage the revitalization, rehabilitation, and restoration of older, underutilized commercial spaces within the City of Columbia Heights (the “City”). Many of the older commercial structures throughout the city lack basic fire suppression systems or infrastructure for said systems. As businesses seek to develop in the city, they are limited by code requirements for the installation of fire suppression systems. These improvements are very costly making it difficult for small businesses to enter and utilize many of the City’s older and smaller commercial spaces. The Fire Suppression Grant, Pilot Program seeks to assist businesses and property owners in partially alleviating the costs of installing fire suppression systems. This program, being initiated by the Community Development Department shall be a pilot program for the remainder of 2022 and 2023.

The Grant Program reimburses businesses or commercial property owners for eligible improvements up to fifty percent (50%) of the total project cost; for a maximum reimbursement of $30,000. The applicant is reimbursed once the improvements are completed in accordance with program guidelines. The building or business owner must apply for, be approved for, and sign a grant agreement before doing the work in order to receive the grant.