centennial quilt

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Centennial Quilt

Centennial Quilt

The Columbia Heights centennial quilt group put in over 300 hours to complete the 37-square quilt. The project started in August 2020 and concluded in April 2021. The quilt is currently on display at the Columbia Heights Public Library (3939 Central Ave NE).

The quilt showcases the City of Columbia Heights throughout its 100-year history with squares such as the streetcar line, Forest Park, and the Jamboree, to name a few.

The Centennial Quilt
Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Project designed and coordinated by Alison Marzolf and Rachel Meyers

Judy Allgood
Connie Buesgens
Karen DeMarco
Annette Fink
Lotus Hubbard
Rebecca Loader
Amáda Márquez Simula
Alison Marzolf
Rachel A. Meyers
Renee Rewitzer
Michele Schluender
Amanda Wendel
Vickie Wendel

Quilting by:
Gail Carlson & Diane Hasse
After-All Longarm Quilting

 Technical assistance by:
Brian Crawford
Started August 2020
Finished April 2021
Representing over 300 hours of work.