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Art Contest and Wall Calendar

Art  of Columbia Heights 2023 City Calendar
Submissions Deadline is nov 1, 2022
Calling all photographers and artists! The City is making a 2023 calendar, with important date reminders relevant to Columbia Heights, that features select photos and images relating to art in and of Columbia Heights. Three categories of submissions are eligible:

  1.  Paintings, drawings, or graphic designs by Columbia Heights residents or of Columbia Heights landmarks,
  2.  Photos of art, architecture, performances, artists, and other artistic things in Columbia Heights,
  3.  Photos taken within Columbia Heights that are particularly artistic by themselves or edited in artistic ways (think collage, creative filtering, or mixed media).
We only have space for a select number of photos, so we'll enlist the help of communications staff from other cities to offer an outside, non-biased eye in the selection process. Photographers and other artists whose work is chosen to be featured for any one of the 12 months of the year will receive recognition in the City Newsletter and two free copies of the calendar to keep. The submission deadline is Nov 1, 2022. Limit of three images per person. Submit one image at a time to Please read the full submission guidelines below. Images from any year are accepted. The City Calendar will be available for purchase beginning Dec 1 at City Hall. 

Photos should be large enough to be displayed in full on an 8.5- by 11-inch page without quality deterioration (this requires 300 pixels-per-inch resolution at large print sizes). This means photo sizes should be at least 2 megabytes, but no more than 13 megabytes. Photos or art pieces from any year are accepted. The 2023 Art of Columbia Heights City Calendar will be available for purchase beginning Dec 1 at City Hall.

Submission Guidelines and Recommendations
IMPORTANT: Images should be of sufficient file size to print at 11.25 inches across and 8.75 inches high at 300 pixels per inch. Usually, this means the image size will be at least 2 megabytes. Keep in mind, no more than 15 megabytes can be sent in a single email. If you submit a photo and do not receive confirmation by Nov 1, please call 763-706-3615.
• If you are not a Columbia Heights resident, your photos or art pieces must be relevant to the City in some way (a photo taken at a City event, a painting featuring a City landmark, etc.). If you are a Columbia Heights resident, your art pieces do not necessarily need to meet that requirement.   
Email images to as attachments. 
• Horizontal photos will be prioritized over vertical photos. The calendar pages are printed in landscape format. 
• Non-digital photos may be scanned and emailed. If you do not have access to a scanner or to email, you may bring your photos to City Hall, 590 40th Avenue NE, during business hours to be scanned by staff.  
• No entry fees to participate.
• A total of up to three images may be entered per person
• Entries must be submitted by the artist or their guardian if they are under 18. Artists also must obtain permission to use images that depict art that isn't their own, and provide credit.
• Open to residents and non-residents alike
• Amateur, as well as professional artists, are welcome to enter the contest; anyone can submit, including City staff
• By submitting an entry to the contest, the submitter grants permission to the City of Columbia Heights the use of the photo(s), and rights associated to the use of the photographic likeness, in promotional materials, on the City’s website, in the City’s newsletter and other social media accounts, without compensation. Images used for these purposes will always include proper photo credit.   
• Photos from previous years may also be considered
• Use "Art of Columbia Heights Submission” in the subject line of your email. Within the email, include your name, as you would like it to appear in any publications of your image, image title, any additional credits, contact info, and captions. 
• Submit no later than Nov 1, 2022. We recommend submitting earlier if possible. 
• If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business weeks after submitting your photo, please call 763-706-3615 to confirm the image has been received.
• Special consideration given to images with clear thematic ties to Columbia Heights
• Submissions from or representing a range of seasons are ideal for a calendar. 

• Entries will be reviewed by City staff and external communications professionals, and selected based on quality, relevance, and calendar appropriateness.

Last year's calendar
The City’s Pets of Columbia Heights Calendar included 2022 dates and event info relevant to Columbia Heights and photos submitted of City pets selected with the help of communications staff from Golden Valley, Maplewood, and Ramsey County. Those whose photos were selected received a free calendar. We received 85 photo submissions. In addition to the 12 featured images, dozens of other pet photos will be sprinkled throughout the calendar. Thank you to all who submitted!