Community Development

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Community Development


Community Development is responsible for the long-range planning of City development and zoning, enforcement of land-use control ordinances and Building Code, administration of permits and licenses, coordination of economic development activities, and assemblage of the Comprehensive Plan. Community Development also provides staff services to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Economic Development Authority, and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority. 

Staff Contact Information

Aaron Chirpich, Community Development Director
Phone: (763) 706-3675 | Email

City Planner
Phone: (763) 706-3675

Mitchell Forney, Community Development Coordinator
Phone: (763) 706-3674  | Email

Alicia Howe, Administrative Assistant II
Phone: (763) 706-3678 | Email

Ryan Smith, Building Official

Phone: (763) 706-3677 | Email

Permits and Licensing 
Phone: (763) 706-3670 | Email