Sign Ordinance

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Sign Ordinance

The purpose of the Sign Code is to allow effective signage appropriate to the character of each zoning district, to promote an attractive environment by minimizing visual clutter and confusion, to minimize adverse impacts on nearby property, an
d to protect public health, safety, and general welfare.

The Sign Code Regulations outline the guidelines pertaining to signage for each zoning district. The official sign code can be found in the City Code.

Do I Need a Permit?
Sign permits are required for all new signs, whether they are attached to the building or freestanding.  You may fill out the Sign Permit Application and return it to the Community Development Division to obtain a permit. Sign permit fees are based on the value of the sign and its installation.

If you are refacing an existing sign and will not be increasing the sign's size, no permit is required.  

Temporary Signs (Banners)
All temporary signs displayed in the city require a Temporary Sign Permit.  

  • Temporary Sign Permits cost $20 per permit.
  • Temporary Sign Permits are valid for 30 days per permit.
  • No more than two (2) temporary signs may be displayed per business at any one time.
  • No more than four (4) temporary sign permits may be issued to any business in a given calendar year.
Design Guidelines
A set of Design Guidelines have been implemented for those properties located along 40th Avenue and Central Avenue.  If your business is located along one of these two corridors, proposed signage will have to meet the specific standards set forth in the guidelines.  If new signage is proposed, the signage will have to be approved by the Planning Commission through the Site Plan Approval Process.