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The Finance Department provides accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, and treasury services for all functions of the City. This includes the customer billing functions for the City’s water, sewer, and refuse services. The Finance Director also provides oversight & direction to the municipal liquor operation.

Top Valu Liquor
The Liquor Department operates three retail liquor stores located within the City of Columbia Heights. Under MN statute, the primary purpose of municipal liquor stores is to control the distribution of alcohol for public safety purposes. Municipal liquor stores can also generate income for the community, reducing the amount of property taxes otherwise required for City functions. The City’s three-store operation has provided funds for City infrastructure and equipment and for community policing activities such as D.A.R.E. that reduce the potential negative impacts of alcohol.

Staff Contact Information
Joseph Kloiber, Finance Director
Phone: (763) 706-3627  |  Email

Andrew Splinter, Assistant Finance Director 
Phone: (763) 706-3621  |  Email

Utility Billing 
Phone: (763) 706-3640  |  Email

Jason Schulz, Top Valu Liquor Stores Operations Manager 
Phone:  763-706-3819  |  Email