Fire Explorer Program

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Fire Explorer Program

Young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 are invited to become Fire Explorers with the Columbia Heights Fire Department, a program that is sponsored by the fire department and the Boy Scouts of America/Learning for Life.

Learn first-hand how exciting the firefighter's job is by working side-by-side with actual firefighters. Following an introductory training program, explorers have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned and gain valuable experience through the fire department's Ride-Along Program. During a ride-along, an explorer can work side by side with firefighters and respond to actual fires and emergencies and assist them by performing routine, supervised tasks. Fire Explorers assist with virtually all routine tasks in the community and around the fire station, including community relations, fire prevention, equipment, station maintenance, and training.

Fire Explorers wear a uniform and are provided with helmets, turn-out gear, and other safety clothing. Our department was established in 1907 and the Fire Exploring program has been a part of the department since 1978. Fire explorers are welcome, recognized members of the department.

Becoming a Fire Explorer is an excellent way to develop skills and gain experience that will be helpful in nearly any field of endeavor. 

  • Great learning experience
  • Offers explorers a chance for community involvement
  • Build lasting friendships
  • Eligible to apply for a position with the Columbia Heights Fire Department at age 18
While both hard work and dedication are necessary, the challenges you overcome are the most rewarding.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to become a Columbia Heights Fire Explorer, please contact the fire department at (763) 706-8153.