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All-America City Award

Every year the National Civic League highlights 10 cities and designates them an “All-America City.” In 2016 Columbia Heights was very proud to be selected as one of these cities. The 2016 All-America City Award focused on “innovative community efforts to ensure that all children are healthy and supported in school and life.” The city was able to show off three of the projects that are going on. The first project that was included was the partnership between the city and the school district, a partnership that is particularly strong at the police department. The second project was the City of Peace Park Initiative that is going to be built in the Circle Terrace Neighborhood, a project that has been helmed by the police department. The third project is the new Columbia Heights Public Library that was built.
Columbia Heights All-American City contingent

Representatives from the city traveled to Denver, CO for the award event. The award was based on the application and the presentation at the event. The Presentation included community and school district leaders such as Mayor Gary Peterson, City Manager Walt Fehst, Police Chief Scott Nadeau, District 13 Superintendent Kathy Kelly and Columbia Heights School District’s Dynamix student singing group. The delegation gave a 10 minute presentation to the panel of judges.

antibullyingOfficer Nightingale reads to a class at Global Academy. This is part of the anti-bullying reading program officers participate in. This is merely one part of the extensive city/school partnership.

13528357_961625460603232_6546292649684866090_oThe Columbia Heights Public Library had a very busy grand opening on June 25, 2016. The library is a great resource with lots of programs for every age group. 

Preliminary plans have been released for the City of Peace Park. The City has already started construction of a new playground. The next phase of construction will be the building. Once the building has been constructed, it will immediately be filled with opportunities for citizens such as parenting classes, adult and youth educational classes, first aid and safety training, health and social services, parks and recreation events, picnics and other outdoor activities, and various other programs all aimed at ensuring that everyone in Columbia Heights has the opportunity to succeed.