School Resource Officers

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School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (S.R.O.'s) are traditionally known as the direct law enforcement point of contact for school officials, students and parents. Given the unique position of an S.R.O. with respect to juveniles, S.R.O.’s also conduct criminal investigations concerning juvenile-related matters.

Participating Schools

The Columbia Heights Police Department has two School Resource Officers currently assigned to schools within the city:
  • The first S.R.O position principally serves the Columbia Heights High School and provides support as needed at the neighboring Highland Elementary School.
  • The second S.R.O. position is primarily stationed at the Columbia Academy while also providing support as needed at the neighboring Valley View Elementary School. Additionally, these first two S.R.O.’s are specially trained as DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officers for all elementary schools within the Columbia Heights School District.
Aside from the customary law enforcement duties of an S.R.O. position, each S.R.O. is actively engaged with many of the newly implemented initiatives that make up the Cops-N-Kids program. Moreover, The Columbia Heights Police Department continues to develop its strength-based approach in meeting the needs of youth. The comprehensive strategy of the police department, in collaboration with community partners, is to construct a holistic framework that better connects youth to family, school, community, and pro-social behaviors while simultaneously reducing the harm caused by juvenile offenders.

Additional Information
To learn more about the S.R.O.’s in your community contact the Columbia Heights Police Department at (763) 706-8100.