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Package Theft Prevention
More of us are doing our shopping online than ever before.  When those packages get delivered and left on doorsteps, the opportunity increases for thieves to come along and steal them. We have some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of package theft.  

Take a minute to check out these prevention tips, and happy shopping!   

  • Ship your package to a location where someone you know will be available to receive it, like your work address or a neighbor’s home.
  • Consider using other delivery options that may be available, such as having your package delivered to a secure locker or use the ‘ship to store’ option.
  • Track your package and request an email, text or other alert about the status of delivery.
  • Install a front door security camera.
  • As a good neighbor, be alert and report all crime and suspicious activity. If you see a package being stolen from a neighbor’s home, call 911.
  • If your package is stolen, report it by calling 911. We are actively trying to prevent and solve package thefts, and we need your help in letting us know when/where those crimes are occurring. 
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