Additional Parking Information

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Additional Parking Information

Overtime Parking

Columbia Heights City Ordinance 1490-7.205(A) on parking states:  “No person shall park a vehicle in his or her custody or control in any one place upon any city street or roadway for a continuous period longer than six (6) hours.”

 Vehicles parked on the street for more than 6 hours may be subject to a citation and/or impoundment. 

 As a courtesy to residents, please do not park so that you block a curb-side mailbox.  Doing so may prevent the pick-up and delivery of the mail. Also, avoid blocking sidewalk access during the winter

 City ordinance also requires that all owners of rental property provide sufficient off-street parking for tenants.

Landscape Parking

According to the City Ordinance:

“…no landscaped area shall be used for the parking of vehicles or storage or display of materials, supplies or merchandise.”  (A ‘landscaped area’ is any part of the property that is not covered by a building and not paved with concrete, asphalt, brick, etc.)

 This means that no vehicles can be parked on the grass, dirt or other areas unless those areas have been covered with an appropriate surface.