Adopt-A-Drain Program

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Adopt-A-Drain Program

A group of people standing with the golden garbage grabber

Adopt-a-Drain Program

Congratulations to Columbia Heights and its residents on winning the regional Community Adopt-a-Drain Challenge in 2022! Columbia Heights competes against Andover, Fridley, and Blaine.

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain, a program aimed to protect area lakes, rivers, and wetlands, calls on residents in the seven-county Metro Area and Rochester to adopt a storm drain near them by committing to keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris.

The simple act of sweeping up around a storm drain protects local lakes and rivers by preventing pollution from entering the shared waterways, and collective action adds up. Keeping a storm drain clear requires about 15 minutes twice a month.

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain is the largest adopt-a-drain program in the country. There are more than 300,000 storm drains in the Metro area. Sign up to adopt a drain or find more info at