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The Public Works administrative office and garage are located at 637 38th Avenue NE.
Hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday              Phone (763) 706-3700

The following permits are required from the Public Works Department. 

Street Obstruction Permit
A permit is required for any non-motorized obstruction placed in the street such as dumpsters, storage containers, and building/landscape materials. The cost of the permit is $30.00. 

Flashers are required if the obstruction will remain in the street overnight. Flashers are available from the Public Works Department with a $150 deposit. A separate check is required for the flasher deposit. 

Work within Right-of-Way Permit 
A permit is required for excavation work done within the street right-of-way, including the boulevard area, for utilities, curb and gutter, public sidewalk, etc. 

Contractors must furnish a $5,000 Street and Public Easement Excavation Bond in effect for two years for each excavation site and a current Certificate of Insurance. 

Street Restoration 
The extent of street restoration depends on the age of the most recent street rehabilitation (reconstruction or overlay). 

Street Restoration Map

Street Rehabilitation Standard Plates
0 to 5 years 1 
Over 5 to 15 years 2 and 3 
Over 15 years old 4 

Load Limit Permit 
Spring weight restrictions apply on streets under the jurisdiction of the City of Columbia Heights. General restrictions generally begin in March and continue until MnDOT lifts the restriction in the metropolitan area.  (Map)

Load limit permits are issued by the City Engineer on a case-by-case basis. Please call (763) 706-3700.

Small Cell Wireless Permit