Appliance / Electronics Disposal

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Appliance / Electronics Disposal

  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving will collect bulky items or rubbish including appliances and electronics.
  • Please use the online refuse support form to request a pickup, or leave a message on the automated refuse line at 763-706-3727.
  • The City pays for the first appliance for each property each year.  The property will pay for additional units.
  • Residents only pay $20 for an electronics collection, the City pays the remainder of the recycling and hazardous waste expenses.
  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving will contact the property to discuss pricing and scheduling.
  • Due to the increasing costs of refuse collection and disposal, material that must be trashed will be paid by the property as it is thrown.
  • Items that can be reused or recycled will be subsidized by the City using recycling grant funds, the contractor will discuss.
  • Please visit the refuse updates page for current information about refuse service changes.
  • Please visit Re-use and Recycling Options for general information about local options for re-use and recycling of household goods.

Appliances are collected curbside as part of the recycling program. Each residential unit is allowed one appliance disposal per year at no charge. Items must come from the property.  There is a charge for disposal of additional appliances by the City contractor.  Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied and doors removed. 

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is any waste that has a circuit board or a cathode ray tube (CRT), including televisions, computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, speakers, printers, and other peripherals, VCR and DVD players, fax machines, and other audio, video, and telecommunication equipment such as stereos and cell phones.  Electronics cannot be put in with the trash in Minnesota.

Electronics Recycling Service

Electronics must be properly disposed of due to the hazardous nature of the material.   A $20.00 pick-up fee will be charged.  Items must come from the property where they are collected. This service is currently funded through a grant.

***For physical security, do not place electronic items on the curb, put them by the front door, back door, or garage door on collection day.  When making arrangements for pickup, advise the  College Hunks Hauling Junk scheduler where the item(s) will be located.***

Tips for Recycling Electronics

Residents may also drop items off at various disposal sites, which may charge a fee.  Approved sites are listed on the county and state web pages. 

Take-Back Programs
: Some retailers will take back your old electronics for recycling.