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The City of Columbia Heights entered into a  contract with Walters Recycling and Refuse on January 1, 2023 for garbage and recycling. The hauler will pick up residential refuse, provided it is placed in the proper container.

Are you a new homeowner just moving in?  Before you can make changes to your service, you must first set up an account here.  Want to make changes to your existing service? Go here

Please contact Walters Recycling and Refuse via email at or call 763-780-8464 if you have been missed on the collection route.  Be sure to include your service address in the email. We encourage you to also fill out our online support form, adding any relevant details to the Additional Info box, to help track the scale of the problem.

Trash Collection

Three container size service levels are offered to residents: 

  • 32 Gallon Limited service with Christmas tree and (1) appliance per year 

  • 64 Gallon Limited service with Christmas tree and (1) appliance per year 

  • 96 Gallon Full service with three (3) extra bags, Christmas tree, and (1) appliance per year 

    Multi-dwelling properties cannot have additional garbage or rubbish outside of the containers at any time, except for large items such as furniture. 

Residents with alleys should place their garbage and recycling carts at the alley line for pickup. 

Walters Recycling and Refuse uses trucks with mechanical arms to collect the trash.  Residents should place carts out where the arm can reach it and allow some space between the carts.  Refuse pads are a convenient way to accomplish this and the City will add these, by request, to the annual concrete work schedule.  Contact Public Works for specifications and pricing. 

Garbage should not be brought to the curb until the evening before the scheduled collection day and should be retrieved that same day. Carts need to be set behind the curb, NOT ON THE STREET. Once the trash has been picked up, please remember to remove your carts from behind the curb and return them to the garage or somewhere out of sight from the street.