Sanitary Sewer

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Sanitary Sewer

Do You Have a Sewer Problem?
Occasionally a blockage in a sewer main or private sewer service results in backup of sanitary sewage into a private home. The following information should provide you with a starting point if you experience a sewer backup.

For more information on clean-ups visit the Minnesota Department of Health's Website or call the City of Columbia Heights Public Works Department at (763) 706-3700.

"Flushable" Bathroom Wipes Clogging Sewer Systems
Popular bathroom wipes, pre-moistened towelettes that are often advertised as flushable, along with other items frequently flushed down the toilet, are being blamed for creating clogs and backups in the nation’s sewer systems.  These wipes and other items should be disposed of in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet.  Please watch the video Will it Flush?

The top five things that should not be flushed down the toilet are fats, oils, grease, rags, and paper.