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City Code

City ordinances are assembled in a book called the Code of Ordinances. Ordinances regulate many activities within the City. Note that the City Council may have made amendments, additions, or deletions to the City Code subsequent to the latest online version of the Code (see below).

The Columbia Heights City Code can be viewed here

Newly Adopted Ordinances Awaiting Codification
The following ordinances have been adopted by the City Council, but are not included in the City Code yet. Currently, the newly adopted ordinances are incorporated (codified) into the City Code once per year.

Ordinance Number  Details  Date Passed
1682 Ordinance Amending Chapter 9.111 of City Code to Establish Animal Kennels and Shelters as a Conditional Use in the City's l-1, Light Industrial Zoning District. February 27, 2023
1683 Ordinance Amending Chapter 3, Article 3 of City Code Relating to Boards and Commissions.  May 8, 2023
1684 Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 1545, Pertaining to Salaries of Elected Officials. July 10, 2023
1685 Ordinance Amending Chapter 5A, Article IV of City Code to Regulate Rental Density for Detached Singled Family Rental Dwellings.  August 14, 2023
1687 Interim Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium within the City on New Rental License Applications for Single Family Homes.  July 24, 2023
1688 Ordinance Amending Chapter 10, Article II of the City Code to Prohibit Smoking Within City Parks, and also Amending the City Code to Redefine the Term Public Place.  September 11, 2023
1689 CenterPoint Franchise Agreement September 25, 2023
1690 Ordinance Amending Chapter 9.111 of the City Code of 2005 to Establish Limited Retail; Sales as a Permitted Use in the City's I-1, and I-2 Districts. November 27, 2023
1691 Ordinance Amending Chapter 8, Article I of the City Code to Update Regulations Regarding Animal Control.  November 27, 2023
1692 Ordinance Proposing Roadway Easement per 9.104 of the City Code of 2005 Serving Properties Located at 1650 40th Avenue NE and 3987 Johnson Street NE.  March 11, 2024
1693 Ordinance Proposing Vacation of Roadway, Alley and Right of Way Easements per 9.104 of the City Code of 2005 Serving Properties Located at 1650 40th Avenue NE.  March 11, 2024
1694 Ordinance Amending 5A.410 Conduct on Licensed Premises / Crime Free / Drug Free and Disorderly Use Lease Requirements. March 25, 2024
1695 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 5A to Establish the Certificate of Property Maintenance and Its Associated Requirements April, 22, 2024
1696 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 9.106 of the City Code of 2005 to Amend General Development Standards and Include Tree Preservation and Planting Standards for Landscaping and Screening.  June 10, 2024
1697 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 9.107 of the City Code of 2005 Relating to Child Day Care Zoning Regulations.  May 28, 2024
1698 An Ordinance Establishing a Local Housing Trust Fund and Designating The Columbia Heights EDA as the Administrator of the Fund.  May 28, 2024