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Polling Places

The City of Columbia Heights is divided in 8 sections called precincts. The precinct you live in determines your polling place for election day voting. Polling places are open for voting from 7 am to 8 pm on election days. The next City administered election will be in 2024. If you are interested in voting early, more information is located on our Absentee Voting webpage.

Finding your Polling Place:

Use the State of Minnesota Polling Place Finder. Put in your address and the website will tell you your precinct number and polling place.

View a map of the 2022 Columbia Heights Polling Places (PDF)

Precinct 1

John P. Murzyn Hall

530 Mill St NE

Precinct 2

Greater Life Tabernacle

4000 Quincy St NE

Precinct 3

Columbia Heights Library

3939 Central Ave NE

Precinct 4

Highland Elementary School

1500 49th Ave NE

Precinct 5

First Lutheran Church

1555 40th Ave NE

Precinct 6

Hylander Center 

1400 49th Ave NE

Precinct 7

Valley View Elementary School

800 49th Ave NE

Precinct 8

ChristLife Church 

4555 University Ave NE