Anoka County Awards 'Recycling Champions'

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Anoka County Awards 'Recycling Champions'

Anoka County Awards 'Recycling Champions'
Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions recently held its 29th annual Recycling Recognition Awards ceremony, where several Columbia Heights residents and organizations were recognized. 

The event recognized municipalities, haulers, and service providers who assisted Anoka County residents with recycling 233,000 tons of materials in 2017, resulting in 53 percent of waste generated in the county being recycled, more than 20,000 tons over the previous year. 

Together, county and municipal staff and other partners increased information available to residents about waste reduction, organics collection, recycling and improved recycling opportunities available to county residents. 

The following individuals and organizations were designated “Recycling Champions” for their efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible: Nelson & Marta Aguilar, Michaela Dickson, Catherine Dickson, Cyndi Cummings, Mo Murphy and Chris Strouth, Scott Skaja, Beverly Praml, Allison Muotka, Jeremiah Laughlin, Justin Navratil, Kathy Petron, Audrey Estrada, Dallas Jelmberg, Dale Schultze, Lisa Jacobson, Southern Anoka Community Assistance, Mike Maher of Springbrook Nature Center, Ham Lake Senior Center and First Lutheran Church of Columbia Heights.

One final award was given to outgoing Commissioner Jim Kordiak for his many years of service to the County regarding solid waste and recycling issues. He chaired several waste management committees within Anoka County as well as represented Anoka County on regional and national waste management issues.

Pictured below (from left): Jill Bergman, Tiffany Lovik, Jay Craft, Cyndi Cummings, Commissioner Jim Kordiak, Bonnie Wilcox, Ruth O'Dell, Jesse Davies, Dave Rudolph, Beverly Praml, Dale Schultze, Scott Skaja, Columbia Heights Mayor Donna Schmitt, Bob Odden, Catherine Dickson, Columbia Heights Councilmember Connie Buesgens.