Please Be Neighborly: Keep Your Lawn Up to Code

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Please Be Neighborly: Keep Your Lawn Up to Code

Please Cut Tall Grass and Avoid Using Your Lawn for Storage 
The Fire Department asks that residents please be neighborly and follow the City of Columbia Height’s Property Maintenance Code.

By keeping lawns mowed and yards free of tall grass and weeds as well as vehicles, unsightly brush piles, furniture, or other storage items in public sight lines, residents can help improve the aesthetics and safety of their neighborhood and community as a whole. 

The Fire Department is responsible for property maintenance inspections and will respond to complaints about code violations. If a violation is found, a notice will be placed on the property with a follow up inspection date.

To report a possible violation, call the inspection line at (763) 706-8156.

Businesses in the City are also subject to the provisions of the Property Maintenance Code and the Minnesota State Fire Code. Inspections of businesses and rental properties are performed annually.

The goals of the code are to protect the character and stability of residential and business areas, preserve property values, and to correct and prevent housing conditions that adversely affect or are likely to affect the life, safety, general welfare, and health of residents.

To view more details about the weeds and grass ordinance, go here. For details on the outdoor storage ordinance, go here. For details about businesses, go here