National Night Out is the Evening of Aug 7

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National Night Out is the Evening of Aug 7

Get to Know Your Neighbors and Local Police and Fire Officials at National Night Out

Join a block party or host one of your own at National Night Out the evening of Aug 7.

Every year, Columbia Heights participates in National Night Out and the accompanying local Minnesota Nite to Unite. More than 1,000 City residents attend annually, and local police and fire officials try to visit as many NNO parties as possible.

The Columbia Heights Police Department has coordinated the event for decades, recognizing the importance in connecting with the community to address crime and disorder.

The simple act of getting to know your neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools, said Lenny Austin, police chief.

“Connecting with your fellow neighbor is what community policing is about,” Austin said. “When people know their neighbors, and keep an eye out for one another, property crimes plummet. You don’t have to be best friends, but at least have some relationship with the person next door.”

National Night Out helps facilitate these neighborly relations, which is why the police department encourages everyone to take part, or even host a party of their own. Events can be as simple as a few neighbors dropping by a host's yard for a burger or as elaborate as a neighborhood-wide block party.

If you are interested in hosting an event, or are wondering if your neighborhood is participating, please contact Officer Bill Monberg at or call him at 763-706-8142.

Download a street blocking request form or NNO flyers here:

Make a Food Donation
NNO is also used to gather donated food items to be given to Southern Anoka Community Assistance. The local food shelf collects the donations after officers have brought them back to the station.