More than 1,200 Residents Celebrated National Night Out

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More than 1,200 Residents Celebrated National Night Out

NNO 2018 1

More Than 1,200 Columbia Heights Residents Took Part in National Night Out!
Thanks to all the party hosts and everyone who came out to the National Night Out get-togethers Aug 7. Sixteen Columbia Heights police officers were able to make it to all 47 registered parties, and enjoyed visiting and sharing information with an estimated 1,250 residents. Thirteen firefighters made it out, too, with four fire trucks deployed to multiple gatherings around town.

Residents were generous with their food and cash donations to SACA (Southern Anoka Community Assistance). Officials collected donations at each of the events and the contributions will be put to good use by SACA. NNO 2018 2

Every year, Columbia Heights participates in National Night Out and the accompanying local Minnesota Nite to Unite. The CHPD has coordinated the event for decades, recognizing the importance in connecting with the community to address crime and disorder.

The simple act of getting to know your neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools there is, said Lenny Austin, police chief.NNO 2018 7

Thanks to everyone for making it another successful year!
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