High Primary Turnout Sets Stage for Nov 6 General Election

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High Primary Turnout Sets Stage for Nov 6 General Election

Voter Turnout in Columbia Heights Tops 30 Percent, Mayor and Commissioner Races Narrowed Down to Two
After a five-way primary race, Council Member Connie Buesgens and incumbent Mayor Donna Schmitt will move onto the general election for mayor Nov 6.

In the District 4 County commissioner race, Sean Broom and Mandy Meisner will move onto the general after a four-way primary race.

Highest Turnout in Decades 
Approximately 3,668 voters cast a ballot in Columbia Heights (439 of those were absentee), representing 32 percent of the City's registered voters. This is the highest turnout for a primary in decades, says Katie Bruno, City Clerk. In fact, more Columbia Heights residents cast a vote this primary than in both the 2016 and 2014 primaries combined.  

About 902,100 people voted in the Minnesota primary, the highest number of statewide primary voters since 1982, according to the Secretary of State. Overall turnout was approximately 22.7 percent, the highest turnout percentage in a primary since 1994.

Columbia Heights mayor and commissioner candidates will join four City Council candidates for a Candidate Forum Sept 20, 7 pm, at City Hall. 

For more information on Tuesday's results, or for other elections related details, visit the City's Elections and Voting page here

Meet the General Election Candidates

Columbia Heights Mayoral candidates:
Connie Buesgens
Donna Schmitt

Columbia Heights City Council candidates:
Nelle Bing
Kay "Kt" Jacobs
John Murzyn Jr.
Nick Novitsky 

District 4 Anoka County Commissioner candidates:
Sean Broom
Mandy Meisner

ISD #13 School Board candidates:
Hala Asamarai
Janet Kendall
Molly Lewis
Michel Novitsky
Laura J. Palmer
Joanna Stark