Keyes Park Update

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Keyes Park Update

Construction at Keyes Park Wraps Up, New Grass Takes Root

With a few exceptions, construction and equipment installation has been completed at the renovated Keyes Park. However, it will take some time for newly seeded grass to grow, so no organized activities will be scheduled at the park until this spring.

The wood fiber pile and fencing around the playground will be removed next week. The sledding hill will be open for winter.

Construction to renovate Keyes Park at 1345 45½ St began in May. The work included the construction of two athletic ballfields, two parking lots, trails, a sidewalk, and a play area, as well as site furnishing improvements, planting and restoration, and utility installation. The sledding hill has be retained. 

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Park 1
The old park was in dire need of improvements, said Kevin Hansen, public works director. The existing athletic fields overlapped, meaning they could not be used at the same time, the park facilities were rundown, and the utilities were out-of-date and in need of repairs, among other concerns.

Keyes Park was the seventh park selected by the Park and Recreation Commission to be renovated under the City’s master planning process.

The City has already implemented park master plan renovations for six parks— LaBelle, Huset Park West (partial renovation), Prestemon, Ramsdell, Silver Lake, and Sullivan. 

Individual park master plans provide the City with a framework for public investments to meet current and future neighborhood and community needs. Keyes is the last park currently scheduled for renovation under the master plan process.