Collection for Yard Waste Bags and Bundles Ends This Week

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Collection for Yard Waste Bags and Bundles Ends This Week

Yard Waste Bundles and Bag Collection Ends, Organic Carts Emptied Throughout Winter 
The week of Nov 26-30 is the end of the season for collection of bags and bundles of yard waste, but yard waste and organic carts will continue to be emptied during winter starting the week of Dec 3 and every other week after that (on regular service days). Click here for the schedule.

YW/O carts will be emptied in the alley for all properties that have one (December through March). If it is impossible to put your cart in the alley, please call public works at 763-706-3700. If there is permanent snow cover on the ground before the end of November, the schedule will be moved up and residents will be informed of the new dates. If you are experiencing service issues, please call 1-888-960-0008.

Winter Tips for Organics
To keep organics from freezing to the bottom of the carts, throw some landscaping wood chips into the cart first. Also, proper compostable bags are sold at most grocery and hardware stores. 

Organics carts can be ordered in the winter as well.  Call 763-706-3700 to order one for your home.

Compost Giveaway
The CHHS Key Club still has a few bags of compost left from the Plate to Garden Compost fundraiser at the Recycling Center. It is good to prep lawns, gardens, and potted soils for winter, especially along the curb where the salt and grime from snow plowing ends up on the lawn. They would like to deplete their inventory before winter.
Yard waste collection has fallen behind some days, which is typical during heavy leaf drops.  However, the hauler should not be more than one day late and will work on Saturday if needed to finish the routes for the week.