2018 Sees Promising Increase in Recycling

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2018 Sees Promising Increase in Recycling

Last year, the City recycled 1,747 tons of materials from residential curbside programs, the Recycling Center, and City facilities, marking an increase of 5% from the previous year. Residential households recycled 1,090 tons of yard waste commingled with food organics (estimated 90 tons of organics) for composting.

The City’s subsidized $20 flat fee for electronics curbside recycling removed over 311 electronic items. The City offers one free appliance pickup per year to each property and 263 units were recycled in 2018. 

The City disposed 6,535 tons of trash, which was 8% less than the previous year. Trash was reduced by 500 tons, saving the City Refuse Fund more than $37,500 in disposal fees. One-hundred-thirty tons of bulk items (furniture/mattresses) were also disposed of. All of the waste was delivered to the Elk River Refuse-Derived-Fuel facility and incinerated for electrical generation by Great River Energy.

The City provided more than 6,300 residential properties with refuse, recycling, and yard waste/organic services. Next year, Columbia Heights officials hope to increase recycling and composting participation even more.