Silver Lake Boat Landing Work Wraps Up

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Silver Lake Boat Landing Work Wraps Up

City to Finish Work On Storm Water Pond Project by Sept 1, Plans a Full Boat-Landing Renovation Next Summer
The Public Works Department is wrapping up its renovation project on the storm water collection pond adjacent to the Silver Lake Boat Landing on Stinson Blvd. The landing will reopen by Labor Day weekend.

The City received multiple grants to help fund the project, which entailed resizing the pond and building a natural vegetation buffer zone around it to improve its filtration capacity. The vegetation includes native and pollinator plants. The pond depth was also increased. These renovations will prevent more pollutants from flowing into Silver Lake. 
Boat-Landing Reconstruction In 2020
The City recently received a DNR matching grant to help fund the reconstruction of the Silver Lake Boat Landing, scheduled for summer 2020. The project requires relocation of the on-site lift station sewer pump.

Overall, crews will need about three months to complete the work.