Bulk Recycling Pick Up Starts Sept 1

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Bulk Recycling Pick Up Starts Sept 1

Starting Sept 1, Mattresses and Carpets Can Be Picked Up for Bulk Recycling
Starting Sept 1, Waste Management will pick up old mattresses and rolled-up carpets free-of-charge through the City’s new bulk recycling program. The items must be dry and free of any infestations.

Residents must call and request a pick-up of a mattress or rolled carpet directly from Waste Management at 1-888-960-0008. The items must belong to the property from which they’re being recycled.

Mattresses, box springs, foam toppers, carpet, and padding use a lot of landfill space, but they are made up of very recyclable materials, said Jesse Davies, recycling coordinator.

The bulk items themselves are not re-used, but are disassembled into separate components, and those components are recycled.
Making recycling more convenient for residents is a major goal for Columbia Heights.

“To meet the state goals of 75% total recycling by 2030, we need to implement convenient programs to recycle beyond the single-sort cart,” Davies said. 

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