City Welcomes New Fire Chief

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City Welcomes New Fire Chief

Columbia Heights Welcomes New Fire Chief
Charlie Thompson began as Columbia Heights’ new fire chief Aug 19, though he’s not exactly new here. Thompson was Columbia Heights’ fire chief from 1999 to 2005 before becoming chief at Anoka-Champlin, where he stayed for 14 years. The ways Columbia Heights has changed and evolved over that time has made it exciting to return to the job here, Thompson said.

In the below photo, Thompson is pictured with daughter, Stacy, and son, Tyler, who are also firefighters. Firefighting truly runs in the family. Thompson has another son, Jordan, who’s fire captain in St. Michael and a career firefighter for South Metro Fire. His father was a firefighter at Brooklyn Park Fire for 20 years.

Thompson is replacing Chief Gary Gorman, who retired this May after 41 years with the City of Columbia Heights Fire Department, and 14 years as fire chief.