2040 Comp Plan Adopted by Council, Now Online

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2040 Comp Plan Adopted by Council, Now Online

Comprehensive Plan Maps Vision for City's Future
The City Council voted to adopt the Columbia Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan at the Nov 12 Council meeting. It is now available to read online here: columbiaheightsmn.gov/compplan

A Comprehensive Plan addresses future land use, transportation, parks, economic development, housing and infrastructure. The Plan articulates the City’s future vision and is used to help guide long-term decisions by the Planning Commission and City Council. It also serves as the basis for changes in codes and regulations. Minnesota State law requires every municipality within the seven-county metropolitan area to review and, if necessary, revise its comprehensive plan every ten years.

With feedback from the public, community stakeholders, City staff, elected officials, and outside government agencies, the City's Comp Plan went through about two years of revisions. The Plan was then reviewed by the Metropolitan Council, who authorized the City to adopt the plan after ensuring statutory requirements were completed. The City Council adopted the plan Nov 12.