Winter Weather Reminders

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Winter Weather Reminders

With Snow on the Way and Colder Weather to Come, the City Offers These Tips to Make the Winter Season a Little Safer for Everyone

Snow Plows and Parking After Storms
Please make way for snowplow operators engaged in snow removal or ice control on City streets. These vehicles are equipped with a flashing, oscillating or rotating amber light. Operators have the discretion to disregard traffic laws if they judge it is safe to do so. After a snowfall of 3 or more inches, no parking on the street is permitted until it has been plowed from curb-to-curb.

Snow Removal and Management
Please shovel or blow snow onto private property. It’s against City
Ordinance to put snow in the street. Please maintain the public side walks in the City right-of-way in front of your property, as required by City Ordinance. If you have an elderly neighbor who’s incapable of shoveling, please consider volunteering to shovel their sidewalks and steps for them. Finally, ensure your garbage and recycling collection spot is cleared of snow and ice (as much as possible) before the truck operator arrives to empty the containers. Don’t put containers in the street.

Consider the Fire Hydrant
Fire hydrants can get buried during a snowstorm, which means firefighters responding to a call have to take extra time to shovel them out before they can actually fight a fire. You can save them vital moments by shoveling out the fire hydrants on your block after a storm. It will make you and your neighborhood safer.

Preventing Frozen Pipes
To keep your water pipes from freezing and bursting on extremely cold days, leave cabinet doors under sinks that face outside walls open, schedule someone to check on your house when you go out of town, insulate walls where piping runs if possible, do not turn your heat down during windy cold days, run cold water and make sure its temperature is above 40 degrees, and on the coldest days, allow a steady, pencil-width stream of water to continually run from faucets that have a supply pipe along an outside wall.