Rainbow Treecare Offering Citywide Discount

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Rainbow Treecare Offering Citywide Discount

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention
To help stop the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) in the City of Columbia Heights, Rainbow Treecare is offering a citywide bulk discount to residents. The discount will be offered through 2020 to Columbia Heights homeowners for trees on private property that are at least 10” in diameter and in good physical condition.

For more information, please call 952-767-6920 or visit rainbowtreecare.com/columbia-heights.

About Emerald Ash Borer:
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed an EAB infestation in Columbia Heights in 2019. Residents are encouraged to look at their ash trees for signs of EAB. Checking for EAB, reporting possible infestations, and following quarantines can slow the spread.

The DNR estimates that more than 5,000 ash trees are growing in the City, and the vast majority of those are on private properties.

Untreated ash trees in Columbia Heights will likely die within the next two to five years. Trees in the early stages of infection can still be saved with proper treatment, but homeowners must act soon.

As the infestation progresses, ash trees can decline and die quickly. Dead ash trees become brittle, more expensive to remove, and more likely to lose branches during a storm, which turns them into safety hazards and liabilities.

When Checking for EAB:
• Be sure you’ve identified an ash tree. EAB only feeds on ash trees.

• Look for woodpecker damage. Woodpeckers like EAB larvae and woodpecker holes may indicate the presence of EAB.

• Check for bark cracks. EAB larvae tunneling under the bark can cause the bark to split open, revealing the larval (S-shaped) tunnels underneath.

• Contact a professional. If you feel your ash tree may be infested with EAB, contact a tree-care professional, your City forester, or the MDA at arrest.the.pest@state.mn.us or 888-545-6684.

Stop EAB Spread:
• Don’t transport firewood. Buy firewood locally from approved vendors. Burn it where you buy it.

• Be aware of the quarantine restrictions. If you live in a quarantined county, be aware of the restrictions on movement of products such as ash trees, wood chips, and firewood.

For detailed information about EAB identification, treatment and/or removal options, please visit www.mda.state.mn.us/eab