Yard Waste Options During Winter Months

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Yard Waste Options During Winter Months

For Columbia Heights residents that may have missed the yard waste curbside pickup deadline for 2020, there are two options to dispose of the waste. You can either bring the waste to an Anoka County compost site or place the waste in a compost cart (if you have one) for collection.

Anoka County Compost Sites

Anoka County has two compost sites that accept grass, leaves, non-woody yard waste, tree waste, and organics.

Columbia Heights residents can dispose of eight bags for free at the Bunker Hills Site or the Rice Creek Site. You must show proof of residency to use either site.

From December to March both sites are only open on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

You are required to:

  • unload your own yard waste,
  • take empty bags/containers with you, and
  • ensure any yard waste you bring to the site is free of garbage, recyclables, or plastic.

Compost Carts

Columbia Heights residents also have the opportunity to recycle organics (food scraps and food-soiled paper) at their property in dual-purpose carts for both yard waste and food waste. The cart cost is charged quarterly on the City utility bill.

Yard waste can be placed into the compost cart that is picked up bi-weekly during the winter. Collection will be conducted in the alley (if you have one) until the end of March. Yard waste curbside pickup will begin again in April.

For any questions regarding yard waste collection or compost carts, please contact the Public Works Department.