MnDOT University/Central Avenue Study Meetings

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MnDOT University/Central Avenue Study Meetings

Share your vision for University and Central Avenues! MnDOT will hold eight public meetings (four in-person and four on Zoom) from July 12-28 to hear from residents. MnDOT wants to get reactions from people and businesses on new concepts that are being developed to improve safety for people who walk, bike, and drive along these roads. Your voice will make a difference in the future of these roads and how they support our community. Visit the study webpage to find a meeting near you.

How do you use Hwy 47/University Ave. and Hwy 65/Central Ave? Maybe you’re just passing through, or this 10-mile corridor is your main route to where you live, work, and play. Regardless of how you use these roadways: walking, biking, public transit, or driving - the way you travel matters.

In their current state, these roadways aren’t serving the community as they should. There are more accidents than average on segments of Hwy 47 and Hwy 65, and accidents that involve pedestrians and bicyclists are far more likely to result in death or serious injuries. The safety of all who use these roads has become a growing concern.

MnDOT is engaging the communities along Hwy 47 and Hwy 65 in a new study to better understand the needs of those who travel along these roadways and what future improvements will help make conditions better for all. Your feedback will help shape a new and improved 47/65.

Share your vision at one of our upcoming public meetings. Whether in-person or virtual, you’ll be a part of vital conversations that will help pave the way for future travel along University and Central Avenues. View in-person and virtual meeting information here and register to attend today!