New Bulk Recycling Pick Up Underway

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New Bulk Recycling Pick Up Underway

As of Oct 17, 2022,  College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving started collecting bulky items or rubbish including appliances and electronics

  • Please use the online refuse support form to request a pickup, or leave a message on the refuse line at 763-706-3727.
  • The contractor will contact the property to discuss pricing and scheduling.
  • Due to the increasing costs of refuse collection and disposal, material that must be trashed will be paid for by the property as it is thrown.
  • Items that can be reused or recycled will be subsidized by the City using recycling grant funds, which the contractor will discuss.
  • Please visit the refuse updates page for current information about refuse service changes
  • Please visit Re-use and Recycling Options for general information about local options for re-use and recycling of household goods
The hauler will pick up old mattresses free of charge through the City’s bulk recycling program. The items must be dry and free of any infestations. Residents must use the online refuse support form to request a pickup or leave a message on the automated refuse line at 763-706-3727. The mattress must belong to the property from which it is being recycled.

Mattresses, box springs, and foam toppers use a large amount of landfill space, but they are made up of very recyclable materials. The bulk items themselves are not re-used but are disassembled into separate components, and those components are recycled at Second Chance Recycling.