2022 Employee of the Year Is Jeff Hanson

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2022 Employee of the Year Is Jeff Hanson

Congratulations to the City's 2022 Employee of the Year Jeff Hanson
The 2022 Employee of the Year, the 43rd employee to win the honor, is Information Technologies System Administrator Jeff Hanson. 

Jeff's co-workers described him as polite, helpful, and good-humored every time he interacts with a colleague, council member, vendor or resident. He's known for keeping a positive attitude even in the most stressful situations, even when the problems never seem to stop piling up. 

IT staff assist all employees and departments in the City. Through this work, Jeff has gained the trust and respect of his co-workers and has demonstrated true expertise in his job, which is no easy task considering the range of complex problems he’s expected to solve daily in a field that is relentlessly evolving. 

During his 15 years with Columbia Heights, Jeff has worked many early mornings, late nights, and weekends to perform necessary tasks to prevent or resolve major disruptions to the City in a cost-conscious manner.  He plays a key role in the installation and upgrade of network equipment and cabling for City buildings during construction and remodeling. He was crucial during the installation and upgrade of the Liquor store point-of-sale terminals, the March Networks video monitoring system, and the phone and voicemail systems for 270 phones and nearly 600 phone numbers.   

Whether it’s creating training videos for co-workers, educating staff on cyber security, tackling time-sensitive IT emergencies, or answering daily help tickets from 200 computer users across nine locations, Jeff has been vital to the core functioning of the City of Columbia Heights.
Congratulations, Jeff! 

More About the Employee of the Year Award
The Employee of the Year nomination review committee is composed of former Employee of the Year recipients who are still employed by the City. This year, the selection committee reviewed nine nominations. 

When a person is selected as Employee of the Year, their name and year of award is engraved on a large plaque displayed in the Council Chambers. They receive a congratulatory letter, a day off of their choosing (with pay), an article and picture in the City Newsletter, a month-long announcement on the electronic bulletin board outside City Hall, and a featured role in the annual Jamboree parade. On rare occasions, more than one employee is selected in a given year.