Yard-Waste Collection Information for 2023

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Yard-Waste Collection Information for 2023

Yard Waste Collection Has Started, Schedule Has Changed for 2023 
Yard waste collection started April 10. Use this color-coded map to find out which day of the week yard-waste collection occurs in your area.  Your yard-waste collection day may not be the same as your trash and recycling collection days. College Hunks Haul Junk, not Walters, is responsible for yard-waste service.

Please use paper bags. Bags must be compostable (do not use any plastic). If it doesn't fit in a bag, brush must be bundled in manageable parcels no longer than 3 feet or taller than 18 inches. Branches wider than 4 inches in diameter will not be accepted, but woody tree waste can be brought to an Anoka County site for a fee.

The third option for yard-waste collection is to use a designated compost cart. You may order a City compost cart here, or call 763-706-3727. Yard-waste should not overflow the compost cart. Find more information about yard waste service at www.columbiaheightsmn.gov/yardwaste.

College Hunks Hauling Bulk Collection:
College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving will also collect bulky items or rubbish, including