Time of Sale Inspection Program begins May 22

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Time of Sale Inspection Program begins May 22

The City is implementing a Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection Program designed to preserve the quality and value of the City's housing stock. The program, established through Ordinance No. 1695, goes into effect on May 22, 2024, and will impact the sale of most residential properties within the City.

Program Scope and Purpose
The Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection Program requires sellers to obtain a Certificate of Property Maintenance before selling, gifting, or transferring most residential properties. This certificate informs potential buyers about the dwelling's condition and ensures that immediate hazards are either corrected by the seller or assumed by the buyer. Immediate hazards include unsafe heating or electrical systems, structural issues, and more. The program aims to preserve the City's housing quality by ensuring properties meet basic City codes for building, fire, health, and property maintenance. Properties listed for sale before May 22, 2024, are not required to obtain a Certificate of Property Maintenance.

Property owner applies for a Time-of-Sale inspection with the City and schedules an inspection prior to selling their property. The application fee is $160, which covers the inspection cost. The application will be available on our Time of Sale Program webpage before May 22.
Property owner hires a licensed or bonded sewer line inspector to conduct a televised inspection and submits the inspection video and inspection report to the City and potential buyers. 
If any hazards are found during the City's inspection, the property owner can correct them and schedule a re-inspection with the City. If the buyer assumes responsibility for repairs, they must obtain written consent from the City and provide proof of funds held in escrow to cover the cost of the repairs.
Once all repairs are completed or proof of escrow is provided, the City inspector issues the Certificate of Property Maintenance, and the sale can proceed.

The City of Columbia Heights is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to the new Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection Program and encourages residents to familiarize themselves with the new requirements. 

For additional details, please visit our Time of Sale Program webpage. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the City's Inspections Department at inspections@columbiaheightsmn.gov or 763-706-3670.