2023 Recycling Champions Recognized

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2023 Recycling Champions Recognized

Columbia Heights Public Works recently awarded certificates to households that increased recycling in 2023 by ordering a larger or additional recycling cart and/or compost cart. Congratulations to this year's recycling champions!

2023 Recycling Champions
Cam and Kerry Covey
Diego and Tracy Huerta
Hung Tuy
The Carter Family
Mohammed Younus
Glenda Criss
Maribel Silva and family
Paula, Guy, & Marle
Holly Besinger
Jennifer Engholm, Michelle Hoyt, Jolene Hoyt
Janaya Arellano
Beth Taylor

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Did you know your recycling collection cost is a flat rate? That means opting for a larger or additional recycling cart does not cost more. Food organics collection can be added for just $4.00 per month. Households who sign up for organics collection also get a free kitchen organics kit and a bag of finished compost. To make changes to your recycling cart or add organics collection, fill out the Refuse Support Form and become a Recycling Champion!