City Manager/Administration


City Manager / Administration
The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer for the city and is appointed by the City Council.  The City Manager is responsible for the daily administration of the city, which includes:
  • Appointing department heads
  • Enforcing city ordinances and council directives
  • Preparing the annual budget for council review
  • Supervising all city departments as determined by the City Charter
This department is responsible for daily administration of the city, the annual budget, supervision of city departments, human resource functions, the City Code, cable television administration, boards and commissions, and City Clerk functions.

City Manager
Walter R. Fehst
Phone:  (763) 706-3610

Human Resources Director/Assistant to the City Manager
Kelli J. Bourgeois
Phone:  (763) 706-3609

Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
Nancy Becker 
Phone:  (763) 706-3606

City Clerk
Katie Bruno
Phone:  (763) 706-3611