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Emergency Alerts

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts Through the City's New CodeRED App
The City of Columbia Heights has recently launched a new text/email/phone citizen alert system. Sign up today to receive emergency texts, emails, or calls about severe weather events or other area emergencies. Also, you can sign up for general alerts to receive localized updates about construction projects, public hearings, and other notable, but non-emergency, activities happening near you. It’s free!

Local Emergency Alert Examples

  • Toxic Spills/Evacuations
  • Severe Weather
  • Child Abduction
  • Water Contamination
  • Armed Criminal in Area
General Alerts Examples
  • Street Closures 
  • Construction Updates
  • Hydrant Flushing Notice
  • Water Main Repair Notice
  • Water Shut-off Notice
  • Plowing/Salting Updates
  • Street Sweeping Notices
  • Public Hearings

Note: General alerts and alerts specific to your neighborhood or block are only available to those who sign up for an account.

You can also text “Heights” to 99411 to have the sign-up link sent to your phone. If you don’t have internet access, try contacting a friend or family member to help add your contact info to the emergency database. Or you can call the City directly at 763-706-3615 for assistance.

Why Sign Up for a CodeRED Account? 
CodeRED helps keep you informed and prepared for any emergencies that may occur in your area. Officials will send messages to alert you of emergency details, instructions, or precautions that you need in order to make well-informed decisions and remain safe. This system is precise enough to geotarget residents within an exact area of impact, so that only those people who are affected by the emergency situation are notified. This system will be used as one of the primary communication tools for Columbia Heights emergency staff.