CHFD Teaches Fire Safety at North Park Elementary

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CHFD Teaches Fire Safety at North Park Elementary

Fire Department Provides Fire Safety Class at North Park Elementary

Kindergarteners and pre-k students at North Park Elementary got a lesson in fire safety this Tuesday from Columbia Heights Assistant Fire Chief John Larkin.

In addition to learning about what to do in case of a fire, the kids got to practice their stop, drop, and roll skills on the floor of their classroom, and watch one of their teachers dress up in 60 pounds of full fire gear. North Park - Larkin 6

Community education is a vital goal of the Columbia Heights Fire Department, Larkin said, and each year representatives from the department try to reach every student in the school district between kindergarten and fifth-grade. Columbia Heights firefighters visit about 1,700 students per year.

“The goal of the education is to prevent injury and save lives,” Larkin said. “If one of these kids knows what to if they’re playing around a camp fire and their clothes catch on fire, or if they go home and tell their parents to check the smoke detectors or make a fire escape plan, then we’ve succeeded.” 

The Columbia Heights Fire Department offers fire safety education for groups upon request. To request a fire safety talk, call 763-706-8150.

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North Park - Larkin 7