CH Apt. Building Gets Serious About Recycling

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CH Apt. Building Gets Serious About Recycling

Hart Lakes Apartments Leads Way in Disposal Reforms
Assistant Manager Cyndi Cummings was surprised at how quickly recycling and organics disposal caught on with residents of Hart Lakes Apartments.

“People here really like having these options,” Cummings said.
A big part of why the options have caught on is due to Cummings’ efforts to educate residents about the programs. She tells every new resident about their options when they first move in, and holds building-wide educational meetings to get the word out. This has resulted in the highest level of recycling and organics participation of any multi-dwelling building in the City, said Jesse Davies, from the City refuse department. DSC_0292

Last year the apartment complex won an Anoka County Recycling Champion award for the progress it’s made not just in offering a wide range of recycling, organics, electronics and other disposal options, but also for taking the time to promote these services to residents.

Any multi-dwelling building can participate in these programs, Davies said. Organics pick-up services costs a flat rate of $2.50 per building, and each resident can receive a  small recycling and organics basket from the City. Just call 763-706-3700.

Not only do these programs help the environment and keep the cost of trash disposal lower, they can prevent plumbing clogs by keeping compost out of drains. 

“I’m hoping this organics program helps keep our garbage disposals clear,” Cummings said.

It's a win-win.
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