Severe Weather Awareness

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Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness
With severe weather scheduled in the area later today, the City of Columbia Heights would like to remind its residents on how to stay safe during a severe storm. Severe weather in the summertime might include: flooding, hail, lightning, or tornadoes.

Two of the best and simplest precautions people can take to protect themselves from severe weather is to remain vigilant and take warnings seriously. If you’re planning outdoor activities, or know you might be away from a safe shelter for a period of time, check the forecast and be as aware as you can regarding potential severe weather threats.

Don’t plan to be outside if the forecast predicts severe weather. And when you are outside, identify the nearest shelter in case of a sudden weather shift. Finally, if you hear sirens, don’t hesitate to get to shelter. A siren is warning you of an imminent threat. You may not have more than a few minutes to reach a safe place.

Staying Alert
With technology today, weather apps are readily available everywhere people can receive alerts right to their phone. Residents should turn on news channels as they will issue statements as severe weather is happening.

Our City has sirens in strategic locations that Anoka County will activate when there is imminent activity such as a tornado or winds that exceed the 65 mile per hour threshold. The weather sirens are designed to warn people outside only and they are not designed to notify people who are in their homes.

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