Leaf Removal Reminders

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Leaf Removal Reminders

With the weather turning and leaves falling, the City of Columbia Heights would like to remind its residents of the proper ways to remove leaves and help keep City sidewalks and streets clean.

Reminders for Residents

  • Bagging up leaves will help keep gutters clear of leaf debris
  • Composting and mulching leaves offers another alternative to bagging
  • All properties that receive refuse service from the City (except apartment buildings) have yard waste collection included automatically
  • Raking leaves into the street makes it harder for crews to complete sweeping and remove drainage clogs
  • It is against City Ordinance to rake leaves into the street

Adopt-a-Drain Program Needs Volunteers

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain, a program aimed to protect area lakes, rivers, and wetlands, calls on residents in the seven-county Metro Area and Rochester to adopt a storm drain near them by committing to keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris.

The simple act of sweeping up around a storm drain protects local lakes and rivers by preventing pollution from entering the shared waterways, and collective action adds up. Keeping a storm drain clear requires about 15 minutes twice a month.

Adopt-a-Storm-Drain is the largest adopt-a-drain program in the country. There are more than 300,000 storm drains in the Metro area. Sign up to adopt a drain or find more info at www.adopt-a-drain.org.

Currently, there are 71 adopted drains out of 1719 total drains in Columbia Heights. 

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