Yard Waste Collection Ends Week of Nov 22

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Yard Waste Collection Ends Week of Nov 22

As you clear your yards of leaves and other organic debris during this year's fall cleaning, please remember to use compostable bags (i.e. paper) or a city compost/yard-waste cart. You can order a compost cart by calling 763-706-3700 or filling out our online form at www.columbiaheightsmn.gov/refusesupport 

Yard waste consisting of leaves, grass clippings, acorns, garden waste, pine cones, needles, soft-bodied green plants, weeds, and other non-woody yard waste can be mixed together for collection. Set bagged or bundled yard waste on the curb in front of your home. Brush must be bundled in manageable 3-foot lengths not to exceed an 18" roll. Tree branches cannot be larger than 4" in diameter because this is too woody for yard waste. Yard waste is picked up beginning the first full week in April through the last full week of November on your refuse collection day unless there is snow cover on that day.

More Fall Yard Cleaning Reminders: 
• Please do NOT put leaves or other debris into the street. This is environmentally harmful and against the law. 
• There is no need to bag or bundle yard waste and brush if it can be fit straight into the yard-waste/compost cart. Extra brush that doesn't fit into the cart must be bundled. Extra bags of yard waste and bundles of brush should be placed on the street curb during the yard waste season.
• Tree branches that are too woody/unwieldy may not be accepted. Rule of thumb is any branch that is or was over 4 inches in diameter is too thick for normal composting. These woody items can be brought to the Anoka County tree waste site in Coon Rapids. 
• Wood chips can go into the compost cart, but not “chunks” of wood. 
• Crews ask that the carts be placed on the street curb from April through November because the hauler must already drive up and down every street to pick up bagged and bundled yard waste. If it is not possible to put the cart on the curb, households may request a waiver from the City. During the winter, December through March, YW/O carts will be emptied from the alley, if you have one.
• Duplexes can share a YW/O cart and will receive two kitchen kits. Townhomes can organize drop-off locations within the association zone.
• Multi dwelling properties, i.e. apartments, condos, etc. can order organic carts for their buildings as well and each unit will receive a kitchen kit.
• Fall leaf pickup typically falls behind by one day (due to the mass volume during heavy leaf drops). The hauler is committed to working on Saturday if needed to finish for the week as has been done in the past.

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