Absentee Voting for Primary Election Under Way

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Absentee Voting for Primary Election Under Way

Absentee voting for the Aug 9 primary election is underway and runs through Aug 8. You can vote early in person at Columbia Heights City Hall, 590 40th Ave NE, or by mail.

To vote absentee in person, please visit City Hall during office hours, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri, and check in at the front window.

City Hall will also be open for in-person absentee voters for an extra half hour Mon, Aug 8, until 5 pm. City Hall will also be open for voting on Sat, Aug 6, from 10 am to 3 pm.

Another option for voting early is to vote by mail

You will need to fill out an absentee ballot application to request a ballot. After you turn in the application, the ballot and voting materials including an envelope with postage will be mailed to you. Ballots must be received by Election Day. Mail-in ballots can also be dropped off at City Hall during regular business hours until 3 pm on Election Day.

For more information on absentee voting by mail, go here.

For more information on elections including absentee voting and information for voting on election day, go here.

For any election-related questions, please contact the City Clerk at (763) 706-3611.