2022 Recycling Champions Recognized

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2022 Recycling Champions Recognized

Columbia Heights Public Works recently awarded recycling champion certificates to those who increased recycling in 2022 by ordering a larger or additional recycle cart and/or compost cart. The recycling champions earned a certificate and took home some recycling swag at the June Community Art & Info Fair. Congratulations to this year's recycling champions, all of whom are listed below.

2022 Recycling Champions
Aimee Gillespie, Justin, Elliot, and Barley 
Brooke Leuthard
Dennis, David, and Sunny
Forrest ‘Father Earth’ Olinger
Lisa Tenhoff
Taylor Sandquist
Martha Cabrera Parra and Luis Mejia Sisalima

Recycling charges are flat rates so getting larger or additional recycle carts does not cost more. Compost carts for food organics and food-soiled paper only cost $3.72/month and yard waste can also be thrown in the cart. Households also get a free kitchen organics kit and a bag of finished compost. Email publicworks@columbiaheightsmn.gov to order a cart and become a Recycling Champion!

Our free Recycling Center Drop-Off Center accepts a lot of material that shouldn’t go into the recycle cart or is too large to fit in the cart such as scrap metal, large cardboard, household batteries, and plastic sheets/bags, plus packing Styrofoam.  

Don't forget to visit the Refuse & Recycling Support Page to order carts, make other service requests, and report issues. 

Not only is recycling good for the environment it reduces solid waste dumped in a landfill and saves the City money as we pay by the ton for trash.