Residents and Businesses Encouraged to Monitor Water Usage

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Residents and Businesses Encouraged to Monitor Water Usage

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has announced that the Mississippi Headwaters watershed has entered the drought warning response phase as described in the Minnesota Statewide Drought Plan. The City of Columbia Heights is within the Mississippi Headwaters watershed. 

The City of Columbia Heights purchases water from the City of Minneapolis. As a customer of the City of Minneapolis, the City of Columbia Heights enacts all water use restrictions when notified by Minneapolis of a change.

Thanks in large part to the responsible water use from water users, the City of Minneapolis is not implementing watering restrictions at this time. Nevertheless, everyone is encouraged to conserve water during this very dry summer period to help prevent the need for restrictions in the coming days.

Until conditions improve, residents and businesses are encouraged to help conserve water by following these tips:

  • Water during the coolest part of the day- If your plants need water, water in the early morning or later evening.
  • Water grass as needed – Most lawns only need an inch of water a week. Turn off any automatic watering controls. Only turn the water on when your lawn shows signs of excessive dryness.
  • Prioritize tree watering- Proactively water your trees. Drought conditions cause stress to trees and threaten our urban tree canopy.
  • Mulch your trees and plants – Mulch helps prevent water evaporation and prevents some weed growth.
  • Leave grass clippings in place – Grass clippings provide shade for the soil.
  • Let the grass grow longer to prevent premature dying – Let grass stay longer than normal.
  • Check for leaks – Leaks in hoses, pipes, couplings, or sprinklers are a significant source of wasted water.
  • Invest in a rain barrel – Water collected in these barrels can be used for watering flower gardens and lawns.

The City of Minneapolis is working with the State and other community water suppliers to ensure appropriate and adequate drought response measures are implemented. The City of Minneapolis will continue actively monitoring drought conditions and sharing additional information as necessary.