Adopt-A-Tree Volunteers Needed

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Adopt-A-Tree Volunteers Needed

Would you like a boulevard tree planted by the City in front of your home? The City is looking for volunteers to adopt a boulevard tree planted by the City in 2023!

Residents are asked to provide water for the first two years after the tree is planted. A watering bag and instructions will be provided at planting time. All other care and maintenance for the tree will be provided by and paid for by the City of Columbia Heights.

If you would like to volunteer to receive a tree this year, fill out the registration form here. For any questions, please call Liam Genter at 763-706-3722 or email


My house does not have a traditional boulevard with a sidewalk, can I still adopt a boulevard tree?
No sidewalk, no problem! The City has a right-of-way adjacent to every street, not just ones with sidewalks (usually 10-15 ft. from the back of the curb, but it can vary considerably from street to street).

Can I pick where the tree goes?
The City Forester will do their best to accommodate residents' preferred planting locations within certain constraints. The tree must be planted in the right-of-way, 30’ spacing from other boulevard trees, and a minimum distance must be maintained from intersections,  underground utilities like gas and water, and overhead power lines.

What kind of tree will you plant? Can I pick what kind of tree I get?
The City typically has 10-15 different varieties of trees to plant each year with a range of mature sizes and landscape attributes. The City Forester visits and assesses every planting site and assigns an appropriate tree variety to fit the characteristics of each site. Residents interested in choosing a tree can contact the Forester directly; in those cases, the Forester will develop a short list of good choices after visiting the site and allow the residents to choose from that list.

How many trees can I have?
City code defines the minimum spacing between boulevard trees and spacing from intersections and utilities. Within these constraints, most properties in Columbia Heights are only eligible for 1-2 street trees, though larger lots and corner lots may have room for several. Volunteers are encouraged to spread the word about the program to their neighbors to help get more trees planted on their streets. Residents interested in planting additional trees on their private property (not in the boulevard/right-of-way) are encouraged to check out the City’s Arbor Day Tree Sale.